The Benefits to being a Member of GHID

1)  Discounted or free entrance to all GHID workshops.

2)  A GHID membership card.

3)  Your name and email are added to GHID’s List Serve.

-Workshops, meetings, and all other time sensitive information is brought right to you; you don’t have to worry about missing a CEU opportunity.

4)  Memberships:

      Certified Members, $15.00:  Those persons certified in the interpreting profession, who pay certified membership dues, shall have 2 votes at all GHID General Meetings. Certified Members may be elected to an office in GHID and are encouraged to serve on committee.

      Associate Members, $12.50:  Those persons not certified, age 18 or over, who pay current associate membership dues shall have voting privileges in GHID, may be elected to office in GHID, may serve on committees in GHID, may not serve as GHID’s Chapter Representative to TSID’s Executive Board. Each associate member shall have 1 vote and are encouraged to serve on committees.

      Student Members, $10.00:  All persons currently enrolled in a course of study in the field of deaf studies or sign language at an accredited University or college program. The student members shall pay student dues in the local chapter. Student members shall not vote and shall not hold office but may serve on committees.

Enrollment months for the 2019-2020-year are June, July and August.

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